Tackle the preservation minefield – learn tips and tricks on how to pass preservative tests

Lotions & Creams Tutorial

Our cosmetic scientist shows how to make emulsions safely and properly

Surfactant Active Matter Calculator

Surfactants as sold by ingredient suppliers are greatly diluted making it difficult to know exactly how much is in the formula and the appropriate amount for shower gel, shampoo and face wash. 

Free Formula (Recipe) Calculators

Converts % to grams or ounces and automatically makes your formula add up to 100%. We even have a calculator specifically for lotions, creams and moisturizers!

Ingredient Suppliers

Our handy worldwide list of cosmetic suppliers including where to buy essential oils and resources

Packaging Suppliers

Our handy worldwide list of cosmetic packaging suppliers where you can find bottles, jars and the like.

Essential tips and tricks for a stable emulsion

Did you know there are four types of emulsifier? Do you know which “natural” emulsifiers are the most effective and how to pair them up?

How to Formulate Like a Pro

Formulation must-knows from the experts!