Formulation & Manufacturing

Our Consultancy Team is located worldwide and is led by Jane, a seasoned cosmetic scientist and full member of the UK Society of Cosmetic Scientists. Jane has experience formulating for a variety of clients, from major commercial brands such as The Body Shop, Blistex, Boots to natural and organic start-ups. Although we do not manufacture we collaborate with manufacturers worldwide, some with a low minimum order - perfect for start-ups.

Our consultancy services are currently at full capacity but through our worldwide advanced formulation groups and networks we can put you in touch with external formulation chemists and manufacturers to suit your needs. To do this, fill in this form: (, or click the yellow bathtub icon to be taken to the form, and we will forward it on.

free formulation course & advice

Our discussion groups total over 40,000 members and provide free formulation advice. Our website also provides free essential formulation advice which can be accessed via our Knowledge Base. Don't forget to sign up to our free online course:


Jane is responsible for teaching skincare and haircare formulation for a Cosmetic Science Degree at a UK University.

Making Skincare have teamed up with and to bring you a free, online basic cosmetic formulation course. To enroll go to:

Jane is also co-owner of the Advanced Cosmetic Formulators Club with Chemists Corner aimed at training science graduates and junior chemists to become expert formulators.